•  International Market Expansion
    • Do you want to expand into the Middle Eastern, Europe, the USA or other foreign markets without making the associated substantial financial commitment? Evolve Business Advisory can also provide you with a local address, phone number, receptionist, voicemail and shipment receiving services all at a fraction of the cost of setting up a traditional office footprint. Having a local presence will provide your company with immediate authenticity and enhanced flexibility.

  • Channel Partnership Development

    • Evolve Business Advisory can establish a distributor based sales channel or an independent sales agent network domestically, internationally or both thus allowing your company to increase revenue in markets not currently served by your current team. By having Evolve Business Advisory, research, identify, qualify and then manage a driven & focused sales channel in a foreign market our service provides a practical, cost-effective alternative to utilizing a your own people which is time consuming and incredibly costly to build the channel that aligns with your company goals from afar. Our proven experience in establishing revenue producing sales channels around the world allows us assemble, vet, and present you with the right partners that fit your needs.

  • Product Line Expansion

    • Expanding a product line (new versions of an existing product, upgrades to existing products or completely new products) is an important growth strategy for small businesses that want to increase revenue or market share. Product life cycle, new market opportunities, customer demands and customer retention are the main drivers for business to consider a product line expansion. With Evolve Business Advisory, our team will work with you to determine needs or desires from your current customer base or future customer base to provide potential solutions. We will then work side by side with your product management, operations, sales and finance teams to develop the best course of action to bring those product ideas to life ultimately increasing the sales and profitability of your organization.

  • Asia Contract Manufacturing

    • Are you looking to lower manufacturing or operating costs without sacrificing quality? Contract manufacturing, when done correctly, can create significant benefits and offer lower COG's, advanced process and product technologies, management know-how, and access to new export markets. Evolve Business Advisory, through our office in Shenzhen China and through our many contacts around the globe, can provide a solution to any product manufacturing needs with a 100% quality guarantee. Our dedicated staff of engineers and quality control specialist will work with you to establish a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership for your company.

  • Margin Recovery Strategies

    • Margin recovery is usually an afterthought for most businesses and it should never be. With the pressure on margins from increased competition and new ways of doing business, it is paramount now more than ever to find new and innovative ways to assure margins are recovered and do not erode as your business moves forward. At Evolve Business Advisory, we will work side by side with your team and analyze your entire revenue stream to understand where the potential conflicts on margin are. Is it your sales team focusing only on a 'cost up' approach or is it your competitor's new on-line ordering portal? Whatever the reason, we will implement our Evolutionary Process to dig deep, find the solution and execute the strategy to assure continual strong margins for your operation.


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