• Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Evolve Business Advisory is an experienced intermediary for business leaders looking to TRANSFORM through a strategic union, secure initial funding, purchase a business from another business owner, purchase a business direct from a private equity firm, or if they feel it is time to move on and sell their company. Evolve Business Advisory's personal approach allows us to build relationships with both sides of any given transaction as we are not concerned with billable hours. Trust, confidence and accountability are our most important assets. We have acted as strategic, hands on advisors in the successful completion of numerous transactions including divestitures, management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions. Our proven business valuation and due diligence process enables us to recognize inconsistencies in valuations, identify areas of improvement to increase value, and ensure our clients receive the best deal possible.
  • Post Transaction Integration

    • Research indicates that almost 50% of M&A transactions are considered failures. Through our Evolutionary Process, Evolve Business Advisory can help you integrate or merge operations and create sustainable value by retaining competencies, identifying best practices within the operation as well as harmonising processes and systems ultimately negating the risks inherent in the post transaction phase. Our hands on, focused and actionable approach that is tailored specifically for your business allows Evolve Business Advisory to bring together a broad portfolio of competencies, practical experiences and deep functional industry knowledge to assist you in achieving post transaction success.

  • Business Valuation

    • proper business valuation is obviously a key issue for owners seeking to exit a business, but it is just as important for owners/companies looking to purchase a business. As we all know, establishing a fair value for most companies isn’t easy, but the sale price you come up with will be the most important part of your exit or expansion strategy. With Evolve Business Advisory our team is structured and experienced to deal with both straightforward and complex valuations while our deep industry expertise allows us to be agile and responsive while providing exceptional hands on service.  

  • Interim Management

    • Constant supply of highly qualified talent is critical to the success of any business. Do you have the right leaders in place to take your business to the next level? Do you have short/medium term goals that need to be achieved and you do not want to take your current executives focus off of running the day to day business? Evolve Business Advisory offers internationally qualified, executive level talent to help your company achieve its goals in finance, operations, marketing, engineering, LEAN manufacturing and sales in mid to senior executive levels. Why not have Evolve Business Advisory do the heavy lifting so you and your team can concentrate on running your business.

  • Leadership Mentoring

    • Your senior leaders are critical to the success of your organization, yet often lack the aptitude to achieve their full potential and ability. Without access to objective, ongoing feedback and mentoring this could lead to blind spots and unproductive behaviours with your senior team. With Evolve Business Advisory's leadership mentoring, we work with your leaders to identify their zone of brilliance which in turn will develop their executive presence, increase their emotional intelligence and become the strategic thinker that your company requires in order to positively impact organizational goals and objectives. With Evolve Business Advisory's leadership mentoring we will work side by side with your leaders while we leverage their strengths, hone their skills and optimizing their leadership performance.

  • Continuity & Succession Planning

    • It is often said that people are the greatest asset in any successful company and to assure your business grows and prospers beyond your time it is paramount to have a robust Continuity and Succession Plan. Continuity Planning is the process of highlighting operational risks that can cause damage to the business, and then taking steps to mitigate those risks. Succession Planning is a strategy that can be used to mitigate operational risks associated with people in the business. With Evolve Business Advisory's continuity and succession planning we will structure the right plan for your company that can improve the resilience of your business to people related risks and will provides comfort to potential acquirers. Over 75% of all businesses do not have a continuity plan and 80% of all business do not have a written succession plan. Is it ok to leave your business to chance?


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