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Continuity and Succession Planning

Leadership Mentoring

Interm Management

It is often said that people are the greatest asset in any successful company and to assure your business grows and prospers beyond your time it is paramount to have a robust Continuity and Succession Plan. Continuity Planning is the process of highlighting operational risks that can cause damage to the business, and then taking steps to mitigate those risks. Succession Planning is a strategy that can be used to mitigate the operational risks associated with people in the business. With Evolve Business Advisory's continuity and succession planning, we will structure the right plan for your company that can improve the resilience of your business to people-related risks and will provide comfort to potential acquirers. Over 75% of all businesses do not have a continuity plan and 80% of all businesses do not have a written succession plan. Is it ok to leave your business to chance?

Your senior leaders are critical to the success of your organization, yet often lack the aptitude to achieve their full potential and ability. Without access to objective, ongoing feedback and mentoring this could lead to blind spots and unproductive behaviours with your senior team. With Evolve Business Advisory's leadership mentoring, we work with your leaders to identify their zone of brilliance which in turn will develop their executive presence, increase their emotional intelligence and become the strategic thinker that your company requires in order to positively impact organizational goals and objectives. With Evolve Business Advisory's leadership mentoring we will work side by side with your leaders while we leverage their strengths, hone their skills and optimizing their leadership performance.

A constant supply of highly qualified talent is critical to the success of any business. Do you have the right leaders in place to take your business to the next level? Do you have short/medium-term goals that need to be achieved and you do not want to take your current executives to focus off running the day to day business? Evolve Business Advisory offers internationally qualified,

executive-level talent to help your company achieve its goals in finance, operations, marketing, engineering, LEAN manufacturing and sales in mid to senior executive levels. Why not have Evolve Business Advisory do the heavy lifting so you and your team can concentrate on running your business.

Organizational Effectiveness

Gap Analysis, Process and Systems Alignment

Successful companies translate their vision and strategic direction into goals, objectives, actions and accountabilities. Is everyone on your team pulling together to achieve your strategic goals? Often there are small parts of an organization that are functioning well while other aspects of a business are performing poorly. With Evolve Business Advisory, we offer an objective, experienced and non-political perspective on your existing structure, people, systems and processes. We will then work with you and your team side-by-side to create and execute an aggressive, yet focused solution while following our Evolutionary Process to achieve your objectives in the least disruptive and most effective manner possible.

Are your processes and systems aligned to deliver optimal results? Evolve Business Advisory can work with you to perform a gap analysis that is used to determine the extent of a process change required, where gaps in functionality exist and then we will compare operating or business requirements for the organization to your system capabilities. Following our Evolutionary Process, the work required to bridge the gap is then specified and the project is executed, including the specific deliverables, resources required, responsibility and target completion date.