Brand Development

You have established a brand name and are in the process of building your brand image. The success of your business hinges on the consumers’ acceptance of your brand. So, what are some of the factors affecting the brand’s image and popularity?

Brand Development

What Does Your Brand Promise?

A successful brand delivers on its promise. This promise is the value proposition that your consumers come to expect from your brand. It consists not only of tangible offerings such as a product, project or service, but also of intangible factors such as how the consumer is left feeling after interacting with your business and brand. Does your brand accurately reflect the unique value proposition that is key to your business? Are all the resources and activities effectively utilised to develop the brand’s promise and delivery in step with consumer expectations and requirements? Consistency is key in what is expressed by the brand as its value proposition, the consumers’ expectations and the delivery. If there is a breakdown or miscommunication in this chain, your brand will suffer lack of popularity and in today’s world of widely spread instant communication, even one instance of ill will among consumers can damage the brand.

What Are Your Brand Elements?

While your brand’s image in the consumer’s mind is intangible, there are other visible and / or tangible factors that are key to brand development. The brand logo, colour, tagline, packaging, print and digital marketing material are all elements that impact brand image. There are conscious and subconscious messages sent through every element which the consumer perceives as integral parts of your brand. Hence, considerable attention must be given to the selection of each element of your brand and business. It is easier to invent than to re-invent a brand and associated brand image. With brands and businesses going international, an added aspect is to keep international innuendos in mind with brand elements. Prior to design, relevant research is integral to the success of a brand. The research will ideally reveal market and consumer perceptions, requirements, likes and dislikes so that the brand elements can be designed accordingly, which when combined with appropriate delivery will result in positive brand image.

Brand Development Partner

Developing, establishing and growing your brand requires extensive research, knowledge, resources and expertise. The volume of these factors increases considerably, when brands plan to grow globally. Business advisory firms come fully equipped with the experience and expertise required to grow brands both locally and internationally. Hence, building a long-standing with the right business advisory firm is extremely beneficial when it comes to developing and growing your brand. Please read brand acceleration and brand management for more information . Visit us at for more information on how to develop your brand both locally and globally. Contact us .