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Financing and Refinancing

Corporate Turnarounds

Work to restructure businesses that are experiencing financial difficulties, and rebuild corporate performance, restructure financing, outsourcing, renegotiating contracts and making changes in strategy to rebuild operations and restore stakeholder confidence.

As an innovator in small-cap financing, Evolve Business Advisory has become a leader in the field by developing innovative and creative financial solutions to assist companies to realize their full financing potential by accessing numerous global-based sources of capital that align business needs with lenders and investors. Evolve Business Advisory sources and structures financing most commonly in the $1 million to $40 million range. Sources of funds can include private equity funds, venture capital funds and financial institutions.


Some of the most common financing provided is for Expansion Plans, Mergers and Acquisitions or Restructuring/ Turnarounds. Evolve Business Advisory can help with Mezzanine Financing, Equity Financing, Debt Financing and General Refinancing

Transforming a loss-making company into a profit-making enterprise using methodologies including situation reevaluation, dealing with stakeholders, crisis stabilization, financial restructuring and strategy redefinition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Post Transaction Integration

Culture, Accountability and Structure

Evolve Business Advisory is an experienced intermediary for business leaders looking to TRANSFORM through a strategic union, secure initial funding, purchase a business from another business owner, purchase a business directly from a private equity firm, or if they feel it is time to move on and sell their company. Evolve Business Advisory's personal approach allows us to build relationships with both sides of any given transaction as we are not concerned with billable hours. Trust, confidence and accountability are our most important assets. We have acted as strategic, hands-on advisors in the successful completion of numerous transactions including divestitures, management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions. Our proven business valuation and due diligence process enable us to recognize inconsistencies in valuations, identify areas of improvement to increase value, and ensure our clients receive the best deal possible.

Research indicates that almost 50% of M&A transactions are considered failures. Through our Evolutionary Process, Evolve Business Advisory can help you integrate or merge operations and create sustainable value by retaining competencies, identifying best practices within the operation as well as harmonizing processes and systems ultimately negating the risks inherent in the post-transaction phase. Our hands-on focused and actionable approach that is tailored specifically for your business allows Evolve Business Advisory to bring together a broad portfolio of competencies, practical experiences and deep functional industry knowledge to assist you in achieving post-transaction success.

To achieve high performance or sustain comfortable results, leaders must define and refine key processes and execute them with daily precision. Leaders need to build discipline into their leadership process and management cycle to achieve accountability, predictability, learning, renewal, and sustainability. With Evolve Business Advisory our performance accountability systems clarify what is expected of people and align consequences or rewards with actual performance to assure results are attained.